Eye Emergencies: The Practitioner’s Guide (Second edition)

The revised edition of this book continues to offer a comprehensive guide for ophthalmic nurses, those working in urgent care settings and all clinicians caring for patients with undifferentiated eye problems.

Among the topics covered are the anatomy and physiology of the eye, which enable the clinician to diagnose patients accurately.

Although a minor criticism could be that the book does not delve into triage details, it is easily translatable to practice for the emergency nurse.

The concluding chapter discussing drugs for use in the eye and relieving eye pain is particularly useful, as these issues can sometimes be overlooked in the emergency department.

Plenty of user-friendly detail is provided, as well as a step-by-step discussion on how to resolve issues and additional information that the patient should know.

Red flags are printed to draw attention to particular areas of concern. There is also a useful glossary of ophthalmic terms.

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