Doing a Research Project in Nursing & Midwifery: a Basic Guide to Research Using the Literature Review Methodology

This is a guide that does what it says on the cover. The writing is accessible and each chapter starts with clear aims and finishes with learning points, offering activities for nursing and midwifery students to practise.

After a guided tour of the basics of research, the authors look at how to identify a research problem and how to shape the question behind it. They consider research design, sampling methods, data collection and ethics. They then turn to the importance of research conduct and discuss how this relates to carrying out a literature review.

Another plus is the helpful advice they give on time management.

The only drawback is that the book offers little information about meta-analysis, which is an important method for evidence-based subjects. The authors might argue that it is beyond the scope of this particular book, but more information would have been useful.

I would recommend this book to nursing and midwifery students at undergraduate, masters and PhD levels. As it covers literature reviews, it could be useful to any health-related student embarking on research.

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