Developing Person-Centred Practice. A Practical Approach to Quality Healthcare

This is an excellent text with clearly written content, which helps practitioners to develop patient-centred practices suitable for a modern health service.

The theoretical concepts of practice development are explored, along with the initiation of a practice development culture that is achievable and sustainable in a constantly evolving environment.

Over 11 chapters, the reader is introduced to person-centred practice development methodology, the concept of person-centred care, the creation of a culture of learning, leadership strategies, and sharing new knowledge and ways of working.

Each chapter is well presented and includes a content overview, key points, web-based resources and case studies to support application in a variety of healthcare settings. The section on developing a person-centred ethos within the workplace is especially useful.

The content gives the reader something to think about because it challenges practitioners to see the development of person-centred practice in a positive way, as opposed to activities that detract from the care they are currently giving.

It highlights how developing practice requires changes in the way people work, and how people’s acceptance to change is influenced by their ability to work in the new way.

A thought-provoking book that would be a useful addition to any bookshelf.

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