Critical Thinking Skills for Healthcare

Aimed at students and healthcare professionals, this book can help readers to develop their critical thinking, not just at university, but in everyday life.

In eight chapters, it explains how to take a critical approach to reading and to writing assessments, as well as in clinical decision making and practice.

Critical Thinking Skills for Healthcare covers the vital components of critical thinking, such as identifying logical inconsistencies in arguments, seeing health issues from multiple perspectives and building convincing arguments.

The book is user-friendly and interactive, with helpful activities included throughout to challenge and encourage the reader to consider critically how they would respond in a variety of hypothetical situations.

At the end of each chapter there are tables and illustrations that will further engage the reader and develop the core skills of critical thinking.

One minor criticism is that references to other texts could have been included and pointers to further information – whether a website, book or journal – would have been helpful.

I would recommend this text to all nursing students keen to improve their critical thinking skills, but it would also be a useful resource for other health professionals in training, and health practitioners.

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