Coping with Endometriosis

The powerful foreword by award-winning author Dame Hilary Mantel, who has endometriosis, gives the stamp of authority to this book for women who have the condition and for those who have symptoms but are undiagnosed.

As endometriosis has, until relatively recently, not been widely researched, there has been a general lack of a consistent response from health services. There is now a growing body of evidence, which this book collates in one place, covering current knowledge about symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatments. Practical advice about fertility, self help and support is also included.

Written with compassion, it makes references throughout to real-life stories. It is a useful signpost for an earlier diagnosis and effective treatment for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Topics cover symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, including hormonal and non-hormonal drugs surgery, fertility and case histories.

While this text is aimed at women and their families, it provides a valuable resource to help nurses identify and offer practical advice to women. It would be a useful text for nurse education, especially in gynaecology, primary care and school nursing courses, as well as for GPs.

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