Confronting Chronic Pain– A Pain Doctor’s Guide to Relief

Written by a Californian pain doctor and a medical author with an easy writing style, this book is packed with helpful tables, illustrations and case histories.

Although written from a North American perspective, it should appeal to patients with pain and healthcare professionals from any country.

It begins with the science of pain before describing some painful conditions and looking at medications and how they work. There is an excellent chapter on how stress affects pain and how we think about our pain. Exercise and complementary therapies are explored as are the spiritual aspects of pain.

Non-clinical readers are likely to find helpful the section on how pain affects other people in the patient’s life. There are useful summary points at the end of all but the last chapter, which examines hopes for future treatments.

As a clinician who sees patients in clinics, I found the brief section on making the most of physician appointments very interesting, and will be passing on its advice to patients.

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