Compassionate Person-Centred Care for the Dying: An Evidence-Based Palliative Care Guide for Nurses

A reference for palliative care nurses, this book explains how to understand the needs of patients nearing the end of their lives.

The text is easy to read and follows a logical format. Topics explored include care of the dying patient, tools used in practice, models of nursing, communication and patient advocacy.

The use of case studies throughout the book is useful and enables the reader to relate theory to practise. One case study explores the CARES tool for the dying used in the US.

Given that the book is written by an American author and based on the American health care system, some sections of the text cannot be transferred to the UK healthcare system. Nevertheless, the book can be used to compare current practices, and to make correlations and suggestions for future practice.

While the book does not add anything new to the subject, it reiterates the importance of good end of life care, excellent communication skills and being a patient advocate.

Professionals in the field of palliative care would find this a useful book to read. However, dying is a natural process of life and so aspects of the book could be transferred into all specialities of nursing.

It would also be a useful addition to a library.

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