Chronic Disease Management: A New Paradigm for Care

Written by a GP who has an extensive background in medical education, this book focuses on chronic disease management rather than how chronic conditions affect health.

Developing a simple chronic disease theory, it maps the trajectory of chronic disease and covers generic knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Topics include the reality of general practice, community medicine, and the relationship between sociology and epidemiology.

Chapters are well-written and include overviews, conclusions, learning points and short cuts for speed readers.

However, the content is doctor based and, although there are some pointers for nurses, I found the book disappointing. While its scenarios are described as relevant to the nursing profession, it underplays the vital role of nurses in chronic disease management and appears to be primarily written for GP trainees.

Nurses are also described as observers rather than drivers of care which is not often the case in general practice.

The book will be useful to GP trainees and health and social care students, but nurses are likely only to dip into it if they find it in medical school libraries.

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