Care of Older Adults: A Strengths-Based Approach

Written by Australian authors with extensive experience in aged care, this book provides an introduction to the care of older people for nurses in clinical practice.

The book is well laid out, with a logical, easy-to-read structure. Each chapter sets out learning objectives and makes good use of case scenarios, followed by reflection and a summary.

Divided into three sections – ageing and gerontology, chronicity and ageing, and end of life care – its chapters each include discussion and a set of useful questions that allow the reader to reflect on their learning. At the end of each chapter, pertinent definitions are included on the side of the page.

The demographics on ageing quoted in chapter two reference only Australia and New Zealand, although the trends are comparable with those in the UK. The descriptions of care settings are also local and may not be relevant to the UK reader, because regulation, commissioning and funding of care is different here.

The description of the geriatric syndrome in chapter six suggests an assumption that this will affect all older people, which portrays ageing in a negative way. Furthermore, dementia is only covered briefly. It would have been useful to dedicate an entire chapter to this subject, given that dementia is a growing global challenge and one of the most important healthcare issues facing the world.

Although the content is aimed predominantly at students in Australia and New Zealand, there are references to good UK practice initiatives.

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