Born Wise – New Knowledge That Will Change Your Views On Children Forever

Based on her years of experience as a family health nurse, author Lena Dyhrberg challenges the traditional perception that children are born inarticulate like vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge and experiences, and instead suggests children are born with intuition and an understanding of everything we say.

The book’s content focuses on newborns and small children up to the age of four, because this is when the child is perceived to possess their highest level of intuition and mental capacity.

Working on the theory that children are born with the ability to communicate, understand and feel, the book explores crying as a means of communication, and physical development in relation to breastfeeding and the acquisition of motor skills.

Suitable for both mothers and fathers, the book provides a fascinating insight into children and their development. Packed with examples of real-life situations, it highlights how we pass our own behaviours on to our children, and the special two-way relationship that develops when we are teaching our child, and our child is teaching us.

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