Book Review: Unknown Warriors - The Letters of Kate Luard RRC and BAR, Nursing Sister in France 1914-1918

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Katherine Evelyn Luard was one of a select number of trained professional nurses who worked in casualty clearing stations and on hospital trains during the first world war.

The subject of this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to learn about life during a war but it is particularly relevant for nurses to learn about nursing at the front during a major war.

Reporting through letter format, it provides a glimpse into the world of the military field hospital, where patients struggled with pain and trauma and nurses fought to save lives and preserve emotional integrity.

This text is a vivid and honest portrait of war's wounded, revealing the true significance of nurses' frontline contributions. 

John and Caroline Stevens (Eds) | The History Press | 240pp | £14.99 | ISBN 97807509 84201

Reviewed by Dr Margot Lindsay, division of psychiatry, University College London 

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