Book review: Spirituality and Coping with Loss: End of Life Healthcare Practice

★ ★ ★ ★ 

Sometimes a book that seems at first rather densely written and more concerned with theory than practice turns out to beinto a fascinating and valuable text for academic and practising nurses.

This is such a book. Part one provides the rationale, literature review and methodology for the author’s research. Future postgraduate students researching the book’s topic will find this part particularly valuable.

Parts two and three bring into focus the effect of end of life care on patients, families and nurses. Discussion of the subject draws on interview transcripts so the reader can understand the views of nurses who have worked in hospices, community settings or residential care homes.

These two parts should be read by all nurses, managers and educators to gain a deeper understanding of the most profound of nursing experiences.

The text should also be compulsory reading for politicians and general managers who fail to appreciate that taking time to listen to patients is an important form of care.

Wendy Greenstreet | CRC Press | 160pp | £25.99 | ISBN: 9781785231483

Reviewed by Christine Eberhardie, honorary principal lecturer in nursing at Kingston University

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