Book review: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties (Tenth edition)

Practice development nurse Valerie McGurk reviews the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties (Tenth edition).


Covering all clinical specialties, this pocket size handbook should not be underestimated. The text compliments the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine and this 10th edition has been fully updated to provide relevant knowledge and skills essential for the modern doctor.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialities

Presented in a clear and logical format, this text is attractive in that it is easy to use, detailed and is presented in a way which enables the reader to find topics quickly.

Additionally, it is committed to maintaining the patient at the center of medical care by using a combination of taught knowledge and skills interlinked with the caring and human aspects of practicing medicine.

In this edition, content includes trauma, ophthalmology, paediatrics, psychiatry obstetrics and gynecology. Each page focuses on a subject, and where necessary, the reader is directed to cross reference with other titles in the Oxford Handbook series.

Useful features

Useful features include a clear index, colour coded chapters a guide to symbols and abbreviations as well as colour photographs, tables and diagrams which support learning and make it less onerous in an already demanding profession.

With input from junior doctors, the authors are continually open to feedback from readers and users.

This will be an asset to the bookcase of any medical student at medical school on a foundation or rotational programme.

Andrew Baldwin, Nina Hjelde, Charlotte Goumalatsou and Gil Myers | Oxford University Press | 848pp | £29.99 | ISBN 9780198719021

Reviewed by Valerie McGurk, practice development nurse, Paediatrics Northampton General Hospital NGHS Trust

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