Book review: Life After Encephalitis: A Narrative Approach

Be guided through the illness with first hand accounts of experiencing encephalitis. 

5 stars

Books about suffering from encephalitis are scarce and in this text, the author has collected accounts by those who have experienced the illness.

Life After Encephalitis


The narratives include those from survivors, their family members and one by a mother whose son died. In each chapter, a medical professional provides input on the various cases which is useful and insightful. 

The book provides critical information about different forms of encephalitis and how they are diagnosed and treated. 

The forms can be difficult to diagnose, and one survivor describes how hallucinations and memory-loss led to him being treated for mental illness before his diagnosis, months later. 

Tips and advice

An acquired brain injury is often the consequence of the illness and the accounts give details of what the survivors’ ongoing medical and general needs can be.

It is a fascinating read, well written, and researched. Each chapter is set out clearly and provides a conclusion. Easton sensitively shows her readers how this illness changes lives forever.

The book does not have a nursing focus but it will appeal to those who work in ED's and who care for patients rehabilitating from all kinds of brain injuries.

Ava Easton | Routledge | 200pp | £19.99 | ISBN:9781138847217

Reviewed by Michelle Walmsley, freelance PA and writer, Hertfordshire

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