Book Review: Healthcare Professionalism: Improving Practice through Reflections on Workplace Dilemmas

★ ★ ★★

This book may be appear to be a ‘stiff read’ given its topic and the density of the text. However, I was pleasantly surprised and waded through it with ease.

The main positive point is in its excellent layout and presentation, especially the way the text is broken up into boxes to highlight common themes throughout each chapter, such as learning outcomes for reflective sessions and case study narratives. Each chapter is also rounded off with a summary, discussion points, learning activities and recommended reading, which helps the reader to draw conclusions at each stage to consolidate learning.

Its focus is the healthcare student and undergraduate reader. It is not only limited to nursing but is also aimed at medical, dentistry and pharmacy students.  While the nurse student may feel there is little specific to their discipline, there is much learning to be gained from the insightful reflections of a wider multidisciplinary studentship.

The book would probably be of value when considering assignments and studies around professional behaviours and attitudes but at £34.99 a copy, it is more likely to be better placed as a library resource.  However, the contents are not likely to change greatly over time.

Lynn V. Monrouxe and Charlotte E. Rees | Wiley Blackwell | 272pp | £34.99 | ISBN: 9781119044444

Reviewed by Dr Karen Harrison Dening, head of research & publications, Dementia UK, London

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