Book review: Emergency Nursing at a glance

Associate lecturer Jenny Jenkins reviews Emergency Nursing at a glance.


This is an excellent resource for emergency nurses of all levels.  It highlights common presentations to the emergency department from wounds to poisoning to cardiac arrests.

Emergency Nursing at a GlanceIt focuses on how to assess these patients, discussing appropriate investigations and treatment that may be required whilst providing rationales. 

The information is up to date and the publication provides several visual aids which are appealing to the majority of readers. 

However, the publication advises administering 28% oxygen via a venturi mask to patients who are known COPD to achieve target saturations of 88-92%. But it could be argued that, as in accordance with British Thoracic society guidelines, a 24% venturi mask should also be considered and may be more appropriate to achieve this target range.

Focus on nursing

The publication is mostly nursing focused. Some of the material may be too advanced for nurses commencing their career in the emergency department, but can be utilised as a reference in their continuing career. The material is likely to prepare nurses for further study such as advanced life support or trauma courses.

The text discusses pre-hospital to end of life care and can all be found in one reference. I am currently unaware of any other similar up to date references available for emergency nursing.

I would highly recommend it be a mandatory requirement for all nurses commencing their career in the emergency department. 

Natalie Holbery and Paul Newcombe | Wiley Blackwell| 184 pages| £27.99 9781118867679

Jenny Jenkins is associate lecturer at University of Salford, advanced practitioner emergency Medicine

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