Book Review: Clinical Skills for Nursing Practice

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Drawing on the evidence base of core clinical skills and competencies required by newly qualified nurses, this comprehensive text provides useful learning outcomes, activities to encourage reflection, and top tips to expand readers’ knowledge and practice.

The authors also include step-by-step guides to clinical skills. Case studies provided to help new nurses reflect on their practice could also be referred to by staff undergoing revalidation. The text is enhanced by diagrams and photographs.

The authors are clear that clinical skills should not be taken for granted. They also explain how to practise these skills with care and compassion, and in collaboration with other members of multidisciplinary teams.

This is an excellent book that is well-thought out and any nurse or healthcare student could use it to enhance their skills development.

Tina Moore and Sheila Cunningham (Eds) | Routledge | 596pp | £39.99 | ISBN: 9780273767947

Reviewed by Jean Rogers, practice education facilitator, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

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