Book review: Carb & Calorie Counter

Nutrition guide helpful for diabetes nursing departments – 3/5 stars

This book has an imaginative layout with numerous colourful and well-labelled illustrations of plates of different food types.

The summary of carbs, protein, fat, saturated fat, fibre and calorific value for different portion sizes is useful and provides a quick reference when carb counting. Pictures are presented in sections alphabetically, but this does not always apply within each section.  For example, in the dessert section sorbet is followed by choc ice and then jelly.  This could make it hard to quickly reference a particular food type.

The information, although not new, is presented in a novel way compared with other books on food content, and this may make it appealing to some users. It does not have a specific nursing focus but would be useful for diabetes nurse specialists or practice nurses who give dietary advice.

I would recommend it as a department reference book only, as reading through the many pages of illustrations could be tedious.  It could be used as a supplement a more detailed book on the nutritional value of different foods. 

Chris Cheyette & Yello Balolia | Chello Publishing Limited | 352pp | £10.49 | ISBN: 9781908261151

Reviewed by Linda Field, research nurse, University of Warwick

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