Book Review: The Cancer Revolution: Integrative Medicine, the Future of Cancer Care

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This self-help book written by cancer expert Patricia Peat with 37 contributors explores strategies such as diet, exercise and supportive therapies that patients and their families can adopt to help regain control of their lives.

While the book is a good reference, it suggests that patients can ‘fix’ the situation they are in, which risks making them feel responsible for it. It also includes conflicting information, for example in approving of grapes in one chapter but stating that they should be avoided in another.

There are warnings, for example, about the dangers of juicing for patients with poor renal function. But they are hidden in the text when they should be highlighted. Equally, there are recommendations, such as not wearing sunscreen, that would be dangerous for some patients.

Overall, this is a good resource, but the above points should be borne in mind if it is recommended to patients.

Patricia Peat | Win-win Health Intelligence | £19.99 | 312pp | ISBN: 9781526200327

Reviewed by Jacqui Stringer, clinical lead for complementary health and wellbeing, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester


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