Book review: ABC of Diabetes (seventh edition)

Neesha Oozageer Gunowa reviews ABC of Diabetes.


This book is targeted at those who already have a basic knowledge of diabetes, and an understanding of the terms related to the condition. 

The book can be purchased by those nurses
who have a specific interest in diabetes.

Tim Holt and Sudesh Kumar provide further insight into diabetes and explore the condition in depth, with management strategies for healthcare professionals to use when working in partnership with patients. 

From the start, the contents page summarises key points that are linked to diabetes and management. The foreword and acknowledgements show that the book has had contributions from a variety of healthcare professionals, which reinforces the importance of multidisciplinary work with diabetes.

The book can be purchased by nurses with a specific interest in diabetes. However, for those who wish to broaden their knowledge, a library loan would be highly recommended. 

One criticism is that the font size is small in comparison to the size of the book, but overall, ABC of Diabetes combines relevant, contemporary information.

Tim Holt and Sudesh Kumar | Wiley Blackwell |£32.99 | 136pp | ISBN: 9781118850534

Reviewed by Neesha Oozageer Gunowa, senior lecturer at Kingston University and St. George's, University of London

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