Art Therapy with Physical Conditions

This book contains powerful stories from a diverse collection of people who have benefited from art therapy with experienced art therapists.

Intended as a companion to Art Therapy with Neurological Conditions, it is well written, detailed, well researched and has many vivid illustrations.

The book covers a variety of physical conditions, from working with patients who have cancers and debilitating conditions, such as ulcerative colitis, to art therapy for people with learning disabilities and terminal physical illnesses. It also looks at the health concerns of homeless people and art therapy for children with life-limiting illness.

The premise of the book is that art therapy can help people communicate when they lack the capacity to verbalise their experiences or feelings. The book shows how art therapy can aid recovery through a creative and empowering relationship-based approach, and how it can contribute to a person’s sense of significance, especially where clients may feel alienated from services.

Although I found the book heavy to read from start to finish, it has enormous value for practitioners interested in therapeutic care. It would be a good addition to a department library where it can be used as a reference source to dip in and out of.

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