App review: Dermofit

Layla Haidrani reviews Dermofit app.

3 stars

Dermofit app

Developed by staff and students at Leeds Beckett University, this app aims to train clinical nurses and dermatology specialist nurses to detect skin cancer by identifying malignant and benign skin lesions and growths at an earlier stage.

The app features four sections. ‘Lesion search’ identifies lesion types and helps users understand the differences. The library search function is a reference library containing 1,000 skin legions.

The tutorial is useful, allowing users to test their ability to identify specific lesions in the Dermofit image library.

As the app is a medical training aid for educational purposes, it is not intended for use as a diagnostic tool. Moreover, as it is £25, it may be expensive for personal use and more likely to be a purchase for institutions.

At present, it is only available on iPad but may be available for Android and iPhones in future.

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. 

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