All Patients Great and Small – Tales of a Rural District Nurse

Based on stories from patients during the author’s days as a district nurse, this book is packed with humour, sadness and hope.

Each chapter is based around a central character. Meet Harry, a man in his nineties who has leg ulcers, survived the war, lost his sweetheart and who now recycles everything, including various pieces of scrap metal which he used to make an exercise bike.

Then there is Dick the local gravedigger, and Ida, who placed her trust in the medical and nursing professions by allowing maggots to be used on an unhealthy wound.

The author highlights the unique position of the district nurse, and the challenges they face when professional boundaries become blurred.

The loneliness and isolation experienced by some receiving care in their own home is also covered, as is the intimate shared relationship when a patient dies or a family loses a loved one.

Packed with fun and laughter, tears and pain, the storytelling in this book is rich and thoughtful.

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