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Together in respiratory

For UK healthcare professionals only Chiesi
This feature has been developed and funded by Chiesi Limited with editorial support from M&F Health

New virtual learning and support platform developed with nurses, for nurses  

The past year has been challenging, especially for nurses in respiratory care who were on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than 669,000 nurses throughout the UK, supporting and fostering their continued growth and well-being is more important now than ever.1

To mark International Nurses Day on 12 May and to show its continued support and empathy for the invaluable work done by nurses across the UK, Chiesi Limited has launched ‘Together in Respiratory’, a new education platform that brings together nurses in an online community. ‘Together In Respiratory’, provides a space where nurses can learn, interact and feel supported, with a particular focus on respiratory.

'We’re in a time where non-essential face-to-face interaction has been reduced, and so having an online platform where nurses can further their knowledge, interact with peers and hone their skills is crucial. The platform encourages an environment of understanding and empathy towards, and among, the nursing community. This is a welcomed addition to nursing education and has the potential to support and encourage nursing professionals across the UK.'

Jane Scullion, respiratory nurse consultant, University Hospital Leicester and ‘Together in Respiratory’ editorial board member

Available to view exclusively on the platform is also ‘The Modern Face of Nursing’ exhibition, a series of FaceTime portraits taken by award-winning photographer Tim Dunk, to pay homage to the nurses getting us through these unprecedented times. He said: 'The project was born out of a need to stay creative and connected during lockdown. Recording people and their lives is important, and it’s been great to be able to capture these strange moments in real time through the wonders of modern technology. The nursing profession has borne the brunt of the pandemic probably more than any other, so to be given the opportunity to work with these incredible people, was very special.'
‘Together In Respiratory’ includes different resources developed with nurses for nurses such as:

  • News and reflections from the nursing community.
  • Free e-learning modules and skills development.  
  • Well-being and mental health resources.  
  • A podcast featuring interviews and discussions with nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The content will be refreshed regularly to help nursing professionals keep up to date with the latest developments. This is led by an editorial board of nurses, and written by nurses from within respiratory and beyond.

The ‘Together in Respiratory’ platform is available to qualified nurses and other interested UK healthcare professionals. To find out more visit: www.togetherinrespiratory.co.uk

Kayleigh Green and Lisa Clinch tell us about their involvement in the Modern Face of Nursing photography exhibition

Kayleigh Green ILD specialist nurse, Glenfield Hospital Leicester, participant in the Modern Face of Nursing photography exhibition

Kayleigh Green
Kayleigh Green

'The Modern Face of Nursing photography exhibition allows us to be reflective and celebrate nurses, from different walks of life, for their contribution during the pandemic.

'As a profession we have become stronger and have reinforced the fundamentals of nursing – caring for others, listening and showing empathy. This is not only towards patients, for whom at times the only thing we could do was to listen and be there for them when their families couldn’t, but also towards our colleagues who picked us up on days when we were feeling low. The ability to understand and share the emotions of others is particularly important, and the past year has highlighted this, especially through the strength, courage and support of the respiratory nurses who were on the front-line.

'Making learning and educational content available to all nurses is a wonderful way to show appreciation and support for the future development of nursing. Platforms such as Together in Respiratory are hugely beneficial – because of work commitments it is not always possible for every team member to attend training courses. So, having an online platform where content is available on demand takes away the need to schedule or coordinate training coruses between busy and large teams on respiratory wards.'

Lisa Clinch, senior COPD nurse specialist, University Hospitals of Leicester, participant in the Modern Face of Nursing photography exhibition

Lisa Clinch
Lisa Clinch

'The pandemic has accelerated the wide use of technology in the NHS and shown us how quickly NHS services and patients can adapt when necessary. As departments move back to their regular services, we have time to reflect on how we can bring the skills and processes we have gained through the pandemic, like online consultations and so on, into our practice and staffs’ continued development and education. Resources like Together in Respiratory are a solution to fit the needs of nurses, providing knowledge, expertise as well as well-being and a sense of community.

'This past year has taught us that empathy needs to be front and centre when dealing with patients. Understanding what they have been through, how that has affected their health and use of health services, but also for us as nurses, listening and advocating to develop services to meet their needs.

'The Modern Face of Nursing photography exhibition gives us the opportunity to show that the profession has evolved, and nurses are independent practitioners with a unique skillset. It helps to capture the variety of roles and specialties out there, showcase nursing as a worthwhile career path for the younger generation and genuinely celebrate the unique contribution nurses make to the health service.'


Job code: UK-RES-2100957
Date of preparation: May 2021

1 Annual number of nurses in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2010 to 2020. Statista. Available at: https://www.statista.com/statistics/318922/number-of-nurses-in-the-uk/ Accessed April 2021.