Practical advice on eating more healthily in the nursing workplace

Our latest podcast looks at barriers to healthy diets for busy nurses struggling with long hours, lack of breaks and limited access to canteens

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Do you find it hard to eat well amid the pressures and demands of your job?

Perhaps you find yourself skipping meals during long nursing shifts, grabbing a takeaway on the way home or craving sugary treats to combat exhaustion?

Survey shows many turn to unhealthy eating due to work-related stress

You are not alone. A survey by Nursing Standard found almost six in ten respondents are turning to unhealthy and disordered eating as a result of work-related stress.

Our latest podcast unpicks some of the barriers to healthy diets in the nursing workplace, including lack of breaks, long hours and poor access to canteens.

The episode hears from Duane Mellor, a dietitian and senior lecturer at Aston Medical School in Birmingham, and second-year nursing student Lewis.

Lewis, who has previously experienced an eating disorder, describes working on placements and with rotas that have not supported healthy eating patterns.

They share practical advice with podcast host Erin Dean on improving your diet with some forward planning.

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