Nursing Standard podcast: enteral feeding and its effects on patients

In our latest podcast, dietitian and lecturer Shawn McLaren discusses enteral feeding with RCNi’s Richard Hatchett

Picture shows Shawn McLaren (left) with RCNi senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett
Shawn McLaren (left) with RCNi senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett

Enteral tube feeding of patients is the topic of the latest Nursing Standard podcast.

RCNi senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett is joined by London Metropolitan University registered dietitian and lecturer Shawn McLaren to discuss the different types of conditions that may require this method of nutrition.

Short and longer-term use of enteral feeding

Enteral feeding is where a tube is inserted directly into the stomach or small intestine, bypassing the mouth.

Mr McLaren, who has an NHS caseload of home enteral tube feeding patients, explains how this feeding may be given in the short term to patients and in the longer term to those with conditions such as motor neurone disease.

He also details the safety aspects of enteral feeding and its physical and psychological effect on patients.

The interview took place prior to the emergence of COVID-19 and social distancing rules.

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