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Nurses with long-COVID: how self-care and support networks can help

Salli Pilcher and Jane Ireson share their experiences of the condition and how they manage their health and well-being

Some nurses find wild swimming helpful because it decompresses the body and eases nerve pain. Picture: iStock

Long-COVID is affecting many health and care staff – what can nurses who have the condition do to manage their symptoms?

The latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast hears from two nurses with long-COVID, which is defined as the continuation or development of symptoms after the four-week acute stage of COVID-19.

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust associate director of nursing Salli Pilcher and clinical nurse specialist Jane Ireson, who is based in Sheffield, discuss strategies they use to support their health and well-being.

Exercise and supportive networks can help staff with long-COVID

They talk about the benefits of lower intensity exercise including tai chi and wild swimming, mindfulness and being kind to yourself. The two nurses also talk about the workplace support they have benefited from and how managers can help staff with long-COVID.

Ms Pilcher and Ms Ireson also speak about the importance of a supportive network. Ms Ireson has set up the COVID-19 Recovery website, which provides resources and the opportunity to share personal experiences.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics released in April suggested at least 122,000 NHS staff have long-COVID.

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