Monkeypox: how nurses can spot and treat it – and protect themselves

Our podcast guest explains all you need to know about the virus, including public health advice nurses can give to help reduce risk of transmission

Monkeypox rash on skin
Monkeypox rash on skin. Picture: iStock

How do you spot and treat monkeypox? And how concerned should nurses be about the UK outbreak of this relatively rare virus?

The latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast examines what nursing staff need to know about the condition.

Our guest is Belinda Loftus, a sexual health nurse and a manager at the Spectrum Community Health social enterprise, which provides enhanced primary care services across the north of England.

She tells journalist Erin Dean about what can put people at higher risk of catching monkeypox.

Monkeypox transmission, treatment and protection

Ms Loftus, who is also a committee member at the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, explains how it is transmitted, and the kind of public health advice nurses can give to help people reduce their risk.

She discusses the treatment options, the success of the smallpox vaccine in managing monkeypox, and how healthcare professionals can protect themselves if they suspect a patient has the virus.

Listeners will also hear which settings are most likely to encounter cases, and which conditions monkeypox may be confused with.

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