CPD: it’s your responsibility to ensure you’ve achieved your hours

Series 3 Episode 3: chief nurse emphasises CPD must be completed – in your own time if necessary

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Continuing professional development (CPD) is every nurse’s responsibility. This is regardless of whether budget cuts make it impossible to complete the necessary hours in work time, the chief nursing officer for Wales emphasises.

Speaking to Nursing Standard podcast, Jean White says that if CPD budgets were being cut and nurses are struggling to be released for courses, the onus is still on them as registrants to complete CPD.

Since the exclusive interview was recorded, the NMC has revealed a sharp rise in the number of nurses dropping off the register because of a failure to meet CPD requirements.

Safety mechanisms

Professor White also talks to Nursing Standard podcast about the Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Act.

The chief nurse explains how safety mechanisms are built into the act in an attempt to ensure wards are not left short-staffed and nurses are not replaced by unregistered support workers.

Also on the podcast, Nursing Standard senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett speaks to City University adult nurse lecturer Duncan Smith about the ABCDE approach to assessing deteriorating patients.

Mr Smith and colleague Tracey Bowden are the authors of the CPD article Using the ABCDE approach to assess the deteriorating patient.