Nurse leadership programme boosted promotion prospects, evaluation shows

51% of nurses on higher pay bands a year after programme ended.
Career progression

More than half the nurses who took part in an NHS leadership programme have been promoted to more senior roles, an evaluation has found.

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The NHS Leadership Academy carried out the survey about its Frontline Nursing and Midwifery programme, a one-off initiative that developed the skills of nurses from a variety of professional backgrounds, including ward sisters and specialist practitioners.

The programme, created as part of a pledge by former prime minister David Cameron to improve nursing, was launched in 2014 and finished in 2015.

Career progression

Of the 1,000 people who responded to the survey, carried out in September last year, 51% said they had changed roles. A total of 43% had moved up by one Agenda for Change band or equivalent, and 7% had moved up by two or more pay bands.

The survey, conducted in partnership with England’s chief nursing officer Jane Cummings, aimed to discover where the 5,000 nurses who took part the programme were in their career development a year post-completion. 

Many benefits

A total of 83% of survey respondents said the programme had improved their capacity for reflective practice, and 37% said they still used the programme’s content in their practice, such as self-awareness, team, communication and engagement skills, and leadership development.

Over a quarter of respondents said the programme had increased their confidence.

Boosting confidence

Professor Cummings said: ‘I’m delighted to see the programme is successfully supporting thousands more nurses and midwives across the country. Nursing is a highly skilled, important and valued profession. It is only right that we support staff in developing the skills and confidence to take on new and more senior roles and make changes where they are most needed, helping deliver the best possible care.’

Commenting on the survey findings, RCN head of education Anne Corrin said: ‘We believe that developing skilled and confident nurse leaders is essential for the nursing profession and to ensure the delivery of high quality patient care.

‘This is why we are developing a range of leadership programmes at the RCN, to support nurse leaders at all stages of their careers.’

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