Nurse aiming to make hospital less daunting for people with dementia

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Charity has set up an appeal to help patients with dementia.
Dementia appeal

A nurse is playing a key role in helping launch a fundraising appeal to support patients with dementia and make their hospital stay less daunting.

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust senior dementia nurse Phil Hall and volunteer Deb Coles with some of the items that the new dementia appeal can help provide for patients.

Phil Hall, senior dementia nurse at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust in the West Midlands, is working with the trust’s charity to help patients with the new dementia appeal.

A quarter of hospital beds across the trust are occupied at any one time by patients who have been diagnosed with the condition.

The appeal is aiming to raise funds to buy new equipment such as dementia-friendly crockery, clocks that light up at night, orientation signs and activity trollies to stimulate and reduce anxiety among patients.

Supporting vulnerable patients

Mr Hall said: ‘Patients with dementia are particularly vulnerable in an acute environment, often becoming confused and distressed in an unfamiliar setting. Work is ongoing to train our staff on how to properly support patients with dementia, as well as delirium which often goes hand in hand, to ensure the best possible experience for them.

‘We also need more hands-on items and this is where the new charity appeal will really give us a boost. Being able to buy items that can aid reminiscences, adapted equipment for patients with dementia such as crockery, and stimulating equipment have been proven to make a big difference and the more we can do to boost our supplies across all the trust’s hospitals the better.’

Jennifer Chatham, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Charity services manager, added: ‘The charity is passionate about making a real difference to patients stay in our hospitals by raising funds to provide extra comfort.’

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