NMC registration fee: waive it as a thank-you to nurses, MPs tell government

If ministers can help businesses during COVID-19 pandemic, they can help nurses too, MPs say

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A cross-party group of MPs is calling for the £120 annual Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration fee to be waived or subsidised by the public purse.

In a letter to health and social care secretary Matt Hancock, the 40 MPs ask that public funds be used to cover registrants' fees in recognition of nurses' efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic.

MP Virendra Sharma

The letter, initiated by Labour MP Virendra Sharma, reads: ‘[Nurses’] sacrifice has been immense, and at a time when the government has rightfully intervened to protect jobs and businesses, we believe it is only fair those who are putting their lives at risk for the benefit of society, receive similar levels of support.’

NMC chief executive, Andrea Sutcliffe, recently said she understood the desire to reward nurses and midwives in this way but the NMC did not plan to waive or reduce the fee.

‘A key reason the fee is important to the NMC is that it’s our only source of income – we don’t rely on government funding,’ she said.

‘This keeps us independent so we can protect the public by supporting our professionals – in normal times and during this emergency.'

When asked about the MPs’ campaign, the Department of Health and Social Care gave no indication of if it supported the idea of covering the annual NMC registration fee or not, only stating it wanted to ensure all nurses and midwives are supported during the pandemic.

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