Mental health tool for older people launched

An online tool has been launched to help older people worried about their mental health

An online tool has been launched to help older people worried about their mental health

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The resource, called MindEd for Older People, contains information on mental health conditions commonly experienced by those in their older age. It covers issues such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress, and offers practical advice for people to follow.

Collaborative development

The resource, funded by NHS England and published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP), has been developed by a team of older people, volunteers and mental health professionals.

RCP chair of the old age psychiatry faculty Amanda Thompsell said: ‘Older people are affected by mental health problems, but experience them differently to the rest of the adult population.

‘Multiple physical illness or the side effects of medicine are more likely to result in mental ill health.

‘But conditions like depression are highly treatable and no patient should be left to suffer simply because they are "old".'

Depression in care homes and at home

Approximately one in five older people living at home suffer depression, while 40% experience the condition in care homes, the college said.

Last month Public Health England said 30% of all hospital admissions in 2016-2017 were for alcohol related illnesses in the over 65s age group.

An RCP spokesperson said the resource was a ‘vital crutch’ at a time when demand for mental health services for older people was increasing and the number of old age psychiatrists has declined by 8.5% since November 2013.

MindEd can also be used by carers and family to support loved ones.

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