Don’t be afraid to ask for help, says recipient of ‘career-saving’ childcare grant

Nurse and health visiting student received £1,000 from Healthcare Workers’ Foundation

Nurse and health visiting student received £1,000 from Healthcare Workers’ Foundation

Jade with her partner Joshua and daughter

A nurse has urged others to apply for a ‘career-saving’ childcare grant of up to £1,000 if they are struggling financially.

Nurse and health visiting student Jade – a mother of one – told Nursing Standard she was nearly forced to give up her studies after her finances took a downward turn, but a grant from the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation (HWF) helped to improve her situation.

Childcare grant saved Jade from dropping out of health visiting course

Jade (who did not want her surname to be included) lives in Surrey and is currently on placement with community healthcare provider Central Surrey Health. She received £1,000 from the foundation through its childcare grant scheme after her partner was made redundant and they were struggling to make ends meet.

‘There was stress at home, talking about budgets and how we were going to pay for things like the bills and council tax,’ Jade said. ‘Before we had this grant, we were talking about me dropping out of the course or postponing it until we were in a better situation.’

She added: ‘To have help from charities like this, it’s career-saving.’

Healthcare Workers’ Foundation offers range of assistance

The foundation was set up by NHS workers at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and has since raised £1 million to support NHS staff.

So far, its childcare grant scheme has allocated around £53,400 to 60 healthcare workers, of which 22 are nurses. The charity also offers other grants for healthcare workers who need financial assistance, as well as help with transport, food, and access to well-being and psychological services.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, nurse urges staff

Jade urged other nurses to apply for a childcare grant if they are in financial difficulty.

‘If you are struggling to meet you childcare needs, then I would consider applying. It has enabled me to continue learning how to be a health visitor, so that I can help other families in return,’ she added.

Healthcare Workers’ Foundation childcare grant

How can people apply for the grant?

Via the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation website

Who can apply for the grant?

All healthcare workers from the NHS, social and private sectors who are parents or legal guardians of children. Nursing students can also apply if they are on a placement within a healthcare setting.

What information do you need to apply for the grant?

NHS ID and email address, and invoices/bank statements showing pre-pandemic costs versus current costs.

How is it received?

Into the recipient’s bank account in one payment.

How many times can a healthcare worker request the grant?

Healthcare workers can request up to £1,000 per year.

Can two separated parents/legal guardians apply for the grant?

Yes, as long as both are paying for childcare and have sufficient evidence to support their individual applications.

When will the scheme come to an end?

The scheme is currently under review. There is no fixed end date.

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