COVID-19: patients are missing out on vital discharge information, warns sepsis charity

The UK Sepsis Trust has produced a recovery booklet for patients who leave critical care

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The UK Sepsis Trust has emphasised the importance of providing information on recovery to COVID-19 patients when they are discharged from care.

Sepsis charity produces booklet for COVID-19 patients who leave critical care   

The charity’s support lead, nurse Larry Matthews, said many COVID-19 patients are leaving critical care not understanding what has happened to them as they were often unconscious, and families could not offer insight as they had been unable to visit.

His warning follows the publication of the UK Sepsis Trust’s booklet to support patients’ recovery from COVID-19.

Mr Matthews said it is important for nurses to give information on the recovery process to patients when they are discharged.

Patients need to know what to expect after they leave hospital

‘Our booklet is ideal, but nurses may have their own or be able to source one from their workplace,’ he said.

‘I understand everyone is massively pressured and I know there is an emphasis on getting people home quickly, but it is key to give people information on what to expect.’

The booklet includes information on:

  • Potential recovery time.
  • What care a patient with COVID-19 may have received in a critical care unit.
  • Advice on helping with recovery.
  • Where to go for support.

The idea for the booklet came after the trust received a number of calls to its helpline about COVID-19.

Higher risk for those who have had sepsis

Mr Matthews added that people who have had sepsis will have a heightened vulnerability to COVID-19.

‘We know that some people who have had sepsis have impaired immunity for some time after and that’s often up to a year, so they are probably more likely to catch COVID-19,’ he said.

‘If they do get it there is a possible higher risk that it might make them more ill and are more likely to be admitted to hospital.’

It is estimated that  that 44,000 people die from sepsis every year.

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