Evidence and Practice

COVID-19 clinical resource for nurses

Free COVID-19 clinical articles and learning modules for nurses and frontline NHS staff caring for COVID-19 patients

Please note that we also have a COVID-19 clinical resource for the temporary register, so some articles and learning modules appear in both resources

This free clinical resource contains peer-reviewed and evidence-based articles and learning modules which address some of the areas of care that COVID-19 patients may require. 

Written by clinical experts, this resource will support any nurse or frontline NHS staff working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Always practice in line with the NMC Code and other regulatory requirements, your scope of practice and level of competence.

Disclaimer: Please note that information provided by RCNi and RCNi Learning is not sufficient to ensure competence in the skill. Assessment of competence should take place in line with local practice. Practice should always align with local protocols and procedures, latest guidelines and any regulatory Code.