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60 seconds with acute clinical research nurse Claire Matata

Be proactive and don't wait for opportunities to come your way, says lead nurse for emergency and acute clinical research Claire Matata. 

Be proactive and don't wait for opportunities to come your way, says lead nurse for emergency and acute clinical research Claire Matata

Claire Matata has worked in clinical research
for more than five years.

Claire Matata is lead nurse for emergency and acute clinical research at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital. She completed her degree in adult nursing at the University of Liverpool in 2010, and has worked in thoracic surgery, community and prison nursing and as a specialist research nurse and senior clinician in urgent care. In 2015, she spent three months in Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis, working as project manager at the Port Loko Ebola Treatment Centre. 

What are your main work responsibilities?  
Leading a team of research nurses, increasing our portfolio of studies and supporting clinical staff to get involved in clinical research. 

How did you get your job?  
I relocated to the north east last year, to live with my fiancé. I had just finished my Masters degree when the job was advertised, and I was in the right place at the right time. 

Who are your clients/patients?
Patients, relatives and clinical staff. 

What do you love about your job? 
Setting up and developing a brand new team, and knowing that our work adds to current knowledge and improves care. 

What do you find most difficult? 
Always being short of time, and having to accept that change can be slow. 

What is your top priority at work?
Giving as many patients as possible the opportunity to take part in clinical research. 

How have you developed your skills in this role? 
Through working in clinical research for more than five years, and through my Master's degree in this area. 

What has been your most formative career experience? 
Working in an Ebola Treatment Centre in Sierra Leone in 2015. 

If you hadn't become a nurse, what would you have done instead? 
My first degree was in history. I would love to have been a museum curator. 

What will be your next career move? 
To complete a PhD and pursue an academic career. 

What is the best lesson nursing has taught you? 
The value of doing your best for people, even when things are difficult. 

What career advice would you give your younger self? 
Don't wait for opportunities to come your way. Be proactive: the worst answer you'll get is no.

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