Clinical placements

A nurse sits talking to a nursing home resident as he undertakes a craft activity

Dementia at the end of life: why every nursing student needs to learn about it

An Admiral Nurse explains how she uses hospice placements to deepen students’ understanding

A 'This is me' form and an elderly male patient in the background

‘This is me’ document helped me provide personalised end of life care

A student reflects on building a nurse-patient relationship with a hospice patient

Pet owner

The simple intervention that eases pet owners’ anxiety when they’re in hospital

My innovative ‘pet card’ helps patients plan who will look after their animals

Importance of preventing pressure ulcers was highlighted by training

A student on placement gained confidence after training to manage pressure ulcers in older patients

A good death

It is an honour to give someone the ‘right’ death

Caring for a dying patient and providing last offices helped nursing student Tristan Crombie realise the importance of ensuring dignity in death

Lessons learned in a hospice

A placement at a hospice will inform this student's practice for the rest of his career

Don’t worry if you shed a tear

Looking after a patient nearing the end of life can be daunting, but one nursing student realised that through a caring approach he was able to make a difference

What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to hospital, and one nursing student is creating a toolkit that will include tips from specialists and signposting to additional support

Don’t judge a clinical placement until you’ve experienced it

Nursing student Lucy Fearon was disappointed when she found out her first clinical placement would be in a nursing home. But after learning a lot about fundamental care and building up relationships with patients, she realised the importance of keeping an open mind

Insights gained from trauma of patient’s death

Dealing with the death of a patient was one of nursing student Nicola Looby’s greatest fears, but a clinical placement caring for older patients near the end of life helped her face these fears and empowered her future nursing practice


A lesson in the emotional resilience that’s part of being a nurse

When an older patient she was helping had a fall, nursing student Victoria Spires struggled to deal with her feelings of blame. But support from experienced nursing staff increased her confidence and helped her learn how to cope with her emotions.


The effect of music therapy in palliative care

When nursing student Rosie Emsley used her musical talents to entertain patients, she learned what a positive impact creative approaches to care can have on health and well-being

Care and compassion in a cardiac arrest

Performing CPR for the first time helped nursing student Laura Leach understand the...

There is no place for ageism in healthcare

A clinical placement working with older people opened nursing student Nina Mitchell’s eyes...

Never give up trying to form therapeutic relationships with patients

Caring for an older patient with Alzheimer’s disease taught Georgina Mercy the value of...

I was punched by a patient with dementia

When nursing student Charlotte Hall was hit by a patient, she used it as a learning...