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Music to your ears in therapy

Alternative therapies, such as music therapy, could reduce the need for psychotropic drug use in dementia. 

Music therapy is proven to provide real, often life-enhancing, benefits to people with dementia. It helps to better manage symptoms, improves the environment and early studies show that the need for psychotropic drugs could be reduced.

Music therapy has life-enhancing benefits for people with dementia
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We want more people living with dementia to receive this therapy. Our research shows there is woeful lack of provision – just 1 in 1,000 people living with dementia have access to it – due to lack of funding and therapists working in dementia.

With a rapidly growing and ageing population dementia is going to become an issue in all our lives. We must, and soon, find therapies and treatment which do not involve heavy sedation, residence in care facilities and the gradual withdrawal of individuals from society.

We need to start properly funding alternative, but proven, therapies such as music therapy – which we know can make a fundamental difference to many lives.

Written by Ming Hung Hsu, chief music therapist, MHA, Derby 

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