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Bravo to author of article about ageism and its implications for nursing practice

Nursing student is a role model of inclusive attitudes and behaviours

Charlie Banister's article is a reflection on accidental ageism on her part. Picture: iStock

Independent nurse consultant Gwyn Grout writes:

I want to thank nursing student Charlie Banister for her article The effect of ageism on older people and implications for nursing practice.

I have long been an advocate of the inclusive attitudes and behaviours Ms Banister embraces, role models and encourages. Sadly, as I get older and my hair is grey, I now have early experience as a recipient of ageism. I have been offended by being offered seats on public transport and noted an increase in ‘elderspeak’ towards me. It is infuriating, insulting and potentially damaging to my perception of self. My answer is to consider colouring my hair again. Ageism should not drive me to have to do that. 

I wish Ms Banister good luck with her blossoming career… working with older people, I hope.

Gwyn Grout @gbg1954