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Health professionals should support people with COPD to stay well

Study explores chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its effects.

National Dementia Strategy not associated with reduced antipsychotic prescribing

Antipsychotics were developed for people with schizophrenia or psychosis but are sometimes...

Geriatric assessments must be carried out to identify depression in cancer patients

The risks of failing to diagnose clinical depression can result in patients being deprived...

How older people store and use food could cause listeriosis

People with weakened immunity are known to be at increased risk of foodborne disease such as...

Prevention is best strategy for Alzheimer's disease

Diet, mental challenges and exercise help to slow disease development

Impaired sense of smell linked to dementia risk

Decreased ability to identify smells could be an early indicator of cognitive decline and...

Pain profiling could improve quality of life for older people

Pain profiling in older people can improve quality of life and help target healthcare...

Whole grain consumption and mortality

Latest research from the nursing and scientific journals

Changes to the gastrointestinal tract

Latest research from the nursing and scientific journals

Complications of deep vein thrombosis

Latest research from the nursing and scientific journals

Volunteering in middle age linked to better mental health

The positive association between volunteering and good mental health is apparent from around...

Computer modelling sheds light on Alzheimer's

New research puts scientists a step closer to tackling the degenerative disease

Too many older people taking medications inappropriately

Taking medications inappropriately is putting older people at risk of death and...

Carers are not always seeking support

A study found barriers preventing people from identifying as carers

Higher potato intake linked to hypertension

Eating fewer potatoes could decrease hypertension risk

The role of genetic factors in pain after hip replacement

Patients with a form of IL6 gene were more likely to need higher doses of pain medication

Higher potato intake associated with hypertension risk

The aim of three US prospective longitudinal cohort studies was to determine whether a...

Carers are not always seeking out the support they may need

‘Hidden carers’ refers to informal carers who may not recognise themselves as carers and so...