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Screening for age-related hearing loss

Study assesses how effective an app could be in screening older people for heaing loss.

People who speak more than one language cope better with dementia

People who speak two or more languages cope better with the symptoms of dementia, new study...

Improving quality of life through self-management

Identifying the ways the NHS can use self-management to improve services

Mediterranean diet could slow shrinking of the brain

Older people who follow a Mediterranean diet retain more brain volume than those who do not...

Enjoyment in older age linked to longer life

Sustained enjoyment of life over several years in older age is associated with lower...

Psychotropic drug use increases risk of falls in nursing home residents

The prescription of psychotropic drugs is associated with a strongly increased risk of...

Antipsychotic drug use increases mortality risk in people with Alzheimer’s disease

Antipsychotic drug use is associated with a 60% increased risk of mortality among people...

Impact of medication errors ‘surprisingly low’ in nursing home residents

The serious impact of medication errors on nursing home residents is ‘surprisingly low’,...

Combining fish oil supplements with exercise improves muscle function in older women

Combining omega-3 supplements with a resistance exercise training programme can improve...

Is loneliness a predictor for Alzheimer’s disease?

Lonely people have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease because they have...

Benzodiazepine use increases risk of hip fracture in people with Alzheimer’s disease

The use of benzodiazepines and related drugs increases the risk of hip fracture by 43% in...

Prompt treatment with alteplase essential for patients with severe ischaemic stroke

Assessing the risks in patients grouped together by stroke severity and knowing the outcomes

Diabetes education should include information about foot self-care

Caring for the feet is just as important for patients who have diabetes new research finds.

Beta blockers and mortality after myocardial infarction in patients without heart

Assessing the association between early treatment with beta blockers and mortality rates.

Exercise could help ward off memory decline in older people

Older people who already have memory and thinking problems could benefit from exercise, say

Urinary incontinence increases mortality risk in older people

Urinary incontinence is associated with an increased risk of mortality in older nursing home


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