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Understanding alcohol-related liver disease patients’ illness beliefs

Survey measured patients' views about medicines relating to alcoholic liver disease

Clinical presentation of scabies in older care home residents differs from classic...

Prospective study of scabies outbreaks in ten care homes for older people

Haloperidol associated with slight increased risk of death in acute myocardial...

Comparing the use of haloperidol versus atypical antipsychotics and risk of in-hospital death

Independent association between socio-economic status and physical functioning in older...

Focusing on prioritising healthy ageing globally in the face of poor socio-economic...

Remission of type 2 diabetes is a practical target for primary care

Study highlights the importance of reducing fat in the liver and pancreas and weight-loss...

Study advocates continued use of anticoagulants in patients with resolved atrial...

Treatment with anticoagulants reduces risk of stroke by two thirds

Memory loss present years before symptoms of Alzheimer’s appear

Cross-sectional study examined forgetfulness in people with Alzheimer’s disease

Regular lifelong exercise may prevent arterial stiffening

Research shines more light on exercise effects in older people

Incontinence-associated dermatitis: cleaning and protecting skin is vital

The treatment of urinary incontinence-associated dermatitis

Higher vitamin D level associated with lower risk of total cancer

Japanese study suggests beneficial effects for prevention of cancer in all sites

Anticholinergic drugs linked to dementia

Clinicians should consider long-term effects of some anticholinergic medications

Drug-eluting stents reduce cardiac events in older people

Trial indicates polymer-coated stents reduce risk of stroke

Sham operation casts doubt on back treatment

Surgery to repair spinal fractures was no more effective than a sham procedure

Documenting and treatment of pain falls as cognitive impairment increases

Pain management drugs less prevalent in nursing home residents with severe impairment

Why older people experience muscle loss

Study shows reinnervation of muscle fibres does not expand motor unit size in those with...

Long-term proton pump inhibitor use does not increase hip fracture risk among people...

Despite slight increase in risk over first year, study shows no increase in number of...

Ultra-processed foods may increase cancer risk

Study shows greater consumption leads to higher risk but research is needed to determine...

Alcohol use disorders a major risk for dementia, especially early-onset

Alcohol use disorders are a major risk factor for all types of dementia, especially early-...