Practice question

An older woman in hospital sits on her bed and a nurse has brought a walking frame to encourage her to move, as this will help manage deconditioning syndrome

How can you identify and respond to deconditioning in an older person?

Nurses can encourage older people in acute hospitals to be more active

An older woman turns to a nurse and smiles during a falls assessment that involves holding lengths of tape fastened to wall bars

What does a comprehensive geriatric assessment involve?

It can help you provide person-centred support for older people living with frailty

Illustration of diversity with the heads of a multicultural crowd of people

How should nurses promote equality, diversity and inclusion?

All health and social care staff should commit to being champions of these values at work

Illustration of a head in profile that is cracked and has autumn leaves tumbling out to illustrate delirium and dementia

What is the difference between delirium and dementia?

A collateral history is crucial in distinguishing between the conditions

Why is measurement of lying and standing blood pressure vital in falls risk assessment?

A blood pressure drop on standing is more prevalent in those with comorbidities and frailty

How can person-centred strategies improve dementia care?

An empathetic approach to care can help people with dementia retain a sense of self

How do I use the 4AT tool for delirium?

Delirium is time-critical, but can be identified with a simple bedside test

Build your nursing expertise with the help of communities of practice

Participation enhances your career and develops new, diverse practices

How do I get involved in nursing research?

Nursing and care staff can enhance patient outcomes by expanding their research knowledge

How can advanced nursing practice improve integrated health and social care services?

Advanced nurse practitioners caring for older people need to raise the role’s profile

How can I support rehabilitation of care home residents after COVID-19?

Nurses have a key role in the rehabilitation of people in long-term care

How can further deconditioning be prevented in older people after COVID-19?

Nurses can help counter the physical and cognitive decline of older people

How do I use the Clinical Frailty Scale?

Frailty identification instruments improve outcomes and help plan for future needs

How do I manage delirium in older people with COVID-19?

Delirium is a common coronavirus symptom, and people in long-term care facilities are at risk

My research study improves patient care – how can I share it?

Tips and rules for successfully sharing your research at a conference or professional meeting

How do I encourage older people to become physically active?

Types of physical activity that can benefit older adults and some suggested resources

How can I ensure dementia care is based on the best available evidence?

Critically appraised topic (CAT) process helps ensure clinical practice is evidence-based

How do I manage the care of an older person with delirium?

Guidelines recommend prompt detection by screening older people on admission to hospital