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Assessing and managing agitation as a symptom of dementia

Interventions for agitation in dementia, often confused with emotion or unmet needs

Identifying the relationship between delirium and falls

The main types of delirium and associated validated screening tools

Person-centred communication with people with dementia

Practical approaches to supporting person-centred communication with people with dementia

Experiences of mealtime assistance delivered by volunteers

An exploration of the lived experiences of older patients, staff, relatives and volunteers
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Preventing falls in older people on mental health inpatient wards

A quality improvement project conducted on four older adult mental health inpatient wards

Understanding the effects of adverse childhood experiences on older people

Increase awareness of the link between adverse childhood experiences and health risk factors

Advising older people on physical activity: challenges and strategies

Enhance your understanding of your role in advising older people on physical activity

Recognising eating disorders in older people

Enhance your awareness of the manifestations of eating disorders in older people

Elder abuse: responsibilities of staff when safeguarding nursing home residents

Republic of Ireland policies and procedures on safeguarding residents at risk of abuse

Exploring nursing students’ knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease

Identifying strengths and gaps in nursing students’ knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease

Using procalcitonin testing to guide treatment decisions in care homes

PCT may be beneficial in identifying and treating bacterial infections in older people

Reframing nurses’ time to enhance interpersonal interactions in dementia care

Learn about techniques that you can use to be more ‘present’ with people with dementia

Prevention of pressure ulcers in older people with frailty

Identify interventions you could use in your practice to prevent and manage pressure ulcers

Integrating oral care into nursing practice in care homes

Learn about some measures that could support nurses to implement high-quality oral care

Estimating cost of a music intervention for aged care residents with dementia

Individualised music listening has been shown to reduce agitation and improve mood

Effects of social isolation and restrictions on older people during COVID-19

Nurses need to be mindful of potential post-pandemic deconditioning in older people

Diagnosing, managing and preventing UTIs in older people with dementia in hospital

Urinary tract infections are common in older people but frequently complicated to diagnose

Care home uniforms: exploring stakeholders’ views on clothing options for staff

The care home community is divided on whether or not staff should wear a uniform