Evaluating Outcomes in Health and Social Care (second edition)

Naomi Elliott reviews Evaluating Outcomes in Health and Social Care (second edition).

Few texts on evaluating outcomes in healthcare address an important aspect of modern service delivery: that it often involves interagency work with different organisations to deliver the package of patient care.

Resource sections at the end of each chapter make an ideal
read for health service managers.

One of a series of 5 books on interagency partnership in public health and social care, this book focuses on evaluation.

Readers are guided through a process of how to evaluate outcomes. Chapter one starts by explaining what evaluation and outcomes are, and why they matter. Chapter two deals with research approaches for collaborative studies.

Chapter three’s ‘Hot topics and emerging issues’ explores evaluation research in more detail, and chapter four provides useful frameworks and concepts to guide decision-making on how to evaluate the collaboration and partnership components of service delivery. 

Health service managers who are time-pressured will find the resource sections at the end of each chapter useful.

Policy-makers should also find this concise text helpful when commissioning research on service delivery evaluation in situations where two or more organisations are involved.

Reviewed by Naomi Elliott, associate professor, school of nursing and midwifery, Trinity College Dublin

Evaluating Outcomes in Health and Social Care (second edition), Helen Dickinson and Janine O’Flynn, Policy Press, £12.99 | 144pp, ISBN: 9781447329763

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