Challenges in Professional Supervision: Current Themes and Models for Practice

Helen Reeves reviews Challenges in Professional Supervision: Current Themes and Models for Practice.

This book looks at supervision in practice and draws on the latest research and theory related to supervision. It is aimed at health, social care and counselling professionals, although the content could be applied to any allied healthcare professional.

The book invites the reader to engage with supervision in practice theory.

It is divided into parts: contemporary ideas and debates in professional supervision, and also modes, models and skills. This allows the reader to engage with the theory related to supervision in practice before looking at models that are or could be used.

Manager supervision 

As a manager, I found the chapter on supervision of managers particularly useful. We become so adept at ensuring our workforce has access to meaningful supervision that we often neglect our needs.

Stages of manager development helped me to realign my thought processes and ensure that we as a team are committed to making a difference. It reinforced the need for building resilience through supervision, and ensuring that all levels of staff are supported.

The book is laid out well, easy to read and provides good vignettes throughout for the reader to digest information. It offers a comprehensive overview of different types of supervision and allows the reader, whatever the role, to identify modes and models that may be suitable to their needs.

Reviewed by Helen Reeves, clinical lead for community palliative care services, St Giles Hospice, Lichfield

Challenges in Professional Supervision: Current Themes and Models for Practice, Liz Beddoe and Allyson Davys, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, £24.99 | 248pp, ISBN: 9781849054652

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