Book review: Understanding Sociology in Nursing

Principal consultant Stephen Callaghan reviews Understanding Sociology in Nursing.


Understanding Sociology in Nursing

The intention behind this book is to help the reader understand the complexities of modern nursing and healthcare and the authors have achieved this difficult task brilliantly. 

Sociology, in the context of nursing, has not always been a subject studied or taught to the breadth and depth it rightly deserves. This book therefore is not just an excellent introduction and resource for undergraduate nursing students, it is for all nurses. 

The chapters are well thought out and have a common structure making each one useable and familiar. Each chapter begins with an issue, for example who is the patient?, and include a chapter outline, scenarios and reflective statements to consider.

There are excellent online resources and references as well as a chapter summary. 

Thinking critically

This book is designed to make the reader critically think, reflect and challenge our current thinking on nursing, health, culture and society. In the current NHS, all nurses need to grasp this concept due to challenges in health inequalities, commissioning, public health and providing healthcare in a dynamic society.

Using this book in practice (not just reading it) should enhance nursing as a profession across the spectrum, from providing individualised care through to caring for, and understanding, communities. 

This book will certainly help to build the foundation of knowledge required for contemporary nursing today and tomorrow.

Helen Allan, Michael Traynor, Daniel Kelly and Pam Smith | Sage | 200pp | £21.99 | ISBN: 9781473913592

Reviewed by Stephen Callaghan, principal consultant at EQE Health

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