App review: Forest: Stay Focused

The app for those needing time away from the screen.  

Did you know that one sixth of smartphone owners check their mobiles 50 times a day? If that sounds like you, then try the Forest app.

forest app
Forest: Stay Focused

The Forest app lets you set a period of time when you want to focus and monitors how well you do.

You first ask the app to plant a tree. Then you select how long you want to work without checking your phone, and your tree grows. Each time you check something on your phone, your tree dies.

A tree is planted every 30 minutes you stay on the app without checking your phone.

Well-presented and visually pleasing, Forest could be particularly useful for nursing students, researchers and nurses who want to stay focused to finish tasks.

Available at the Apple iTunes store (£1.49) and Google Play (free)

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