Welcome to a new era for Nursing Management

Welcome to your new-look Nursing Management journal. You’ll see we have made some significant changes to the content to focus more on what you’ve told us you value most in a professional journal for nursing leaders.

Our website has also been revamped and this is where you’ll find all the news, analysis, opinion, careers and peer-reviewed evidence and practice you expect.

As we now publish all this ahead of print, you no longer have to wait for your copy to arrive in the post.

‘Our website now gives you easy access to personalised content’

However, we also know that many of you like to receive the print journal throughout the year. This is why your new-look, bi-monthly print journal focuses on the very best peer-reviewed evidence and practice articles that we publish online.

This month’s journal looks at the role and experiences of advanced nurse practitioners, non-technical skills required to recognise and escalate care if the patient is deteriorating and the critical preparation and readiness to support future change.

We are also starting a CPD series on the importance of reflection and reflective practice.

These changes mark a significant development for the journal, with all of our content now being published online first, and the online version of each evidence and practice article becoming the official ‘version of record’.

We hope you enjoy the improvements we have made, which are based on reader feedback. Email me (nick.lipley@rcni.com) with any thoughts you have about the changes, and any suggestions for how you would like the journal to develop in the future online and in print.